Safety Reporting

Pharmacovigilance (PV or PhV) is the branch of pharmacology that involves the identification, analysis, and prevention of adverse effects associated with drug or medicinal products. The objective of pharmacovigilance is to ensure medication safety through thorough collection, detection, assessment, and monitoring of potential harm, as well as employing preventive measures to avoid adverse outcomes.

  • By reaching out to our team of experts or sharing a file with us, you are giving your consent to be contacted by the relevant Unicare Medical Trading LLC department.

  • Additionally, you acknowledge and agree that the information you share with us regarding yourself or your patient will be subject to processing by us, as well as shared with the appropriate regulatory authorities and product suppliers or manufacturers, whether based within or outside the United Arab Emirates.

  • For the purposes of pharmacovigilance and ensuring quality, your data may also be transferred outside of the United Arab Emirates.

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